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Interview with 3Po3try NYC Mixed Media Artist Angelo Giokas

By: Megan DiBello  I have known Angelo for several years. He first came to PTNYC via a friend of my sisters. He was a part of our very first gallery show and event at Milk & Roses Cafe in Greenpoint, […]

Interview with 3Po3try Poet Anton Yakovlev

By: Megan DiBello  Poetry Teachers NYC is happy to have our former student, Anton Yakovlev, perform for the 3Po3try NYC event on 7/31/14. Anton’s work provides a keen insight with his scholarly lens into life, love, and the mystery we […]

Former PTNYC Student Matthew Ellis Blog ‘Poetic Decisions’

it’s 1962 March 28 I’m sitting by the window on the Prague-Berlin train night is falling I never knew I liked night descending like a tired bird on a smoky wet plain I don’t like comparing nightfall to a tired […]

Interview with 3Po3try NYC Poet Amber Godfrey

By: Megan DiBello Poetry Teachers NYC is honored to have Amber, a former student, perform for 3 Po3try NYC. Every movement she makes on stage is a new word. Her voice summons an experience to grow around you. You are taken […]